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Who must Buy Schengen Travel Insurance?

Anyone who wants to travel temporarily to a Schengen area from a country subject to visa requirements, whether business travelers, tourists, individual or group visitors.

Know About Schengen Visa and Schengen Travel Insurance

Europe is an exceedingly popular destination for visitors from all over the world more so because of the rich cultural and geographical range it presents. In this regard, to travel to any of the European countries requires a valid visa. Unless a person’s country of origin has an abdication treaty with an European country, they will need a visa and a travel insurance for a successful journey abroad.

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schengen travel insurance

The Schengen Agreement

For travelers to Europe, traveling has never been easier, thanks to the Schengen Agreement. The Schengen region is composed of twenty-six European nations that share common entrance visa laws. These countries came together and formulated the agreement to minimize the border point checks and controls.

However whichever country a person is traveling to, a travel visa is mandatory. For travelers in Nigeria, it is advisable that they should purchase their insurance at the same period they are booking their flight. Countries whose residents require a Schengen visa are most Asian and African countries like Algeria, Nigeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Thailand among others.

Travel Visa Insurance

Take note that a Schengen visa holder does not require valid travel visa insurance every time they enter the Schengen region. This is because the visa condition itself is incorporated in the article five of the Border codes. However, a Schengen visa may be cancelled at any time if the conditions for the issuance are no longer met. This also makes the requirements of the visa code relevant for entry.

People from Nigeria traveling to Europe should know that though being a holder of a Schengen visa may not require a travel insurance every time they are entering Schengen area, nonetheless, being insured is the stress-free way to stay protected and can be helpful for some other whys and wherefores.

More on Schengen travel insurance

Schengen travel insurance requirements for most countries include the following:

Representative Agency in Europe

The insurance company should have a representative agency in Europe.

Medical Repatriation Coverage

There has to be medical repatriation coverage of at least $37,500.

Expected Valid Duration

The insurance should be valid for the expected duration of stay.

Frequently asked questions

Preparing for an upcoming trip to a schengen area is hectic enough, and then there is the need to buy a travel insurance policy as well. Travelers want to know if there are travel insurance companies in Nigeria that can fulfill these minimum requirements and also the amount of time that all these will probably take..

Are there Insurance Companies in Nigeria that can Offer the Required Medical Coverage?

There are many insurance companies in Nigeria that offer the required medical coverage. Most of these companies do not need a person to have taken a medical exam. When the insurance is purchased online, the medical coverage is applied instantly. These companies also cover Schengen visa insurance requirements in a wider manner to ensure a smooth application for the applicants.

What will be the ‘Safe’ Length of Time to Devote to All These Ahead?

It is advisable that those intending to travel to the Schengen should allow a lot of time when applying for the Schengen visa. This is because processing it might take a little longer. The rule of thumb is that it should be applied for more than two months before the visit. It might also necessitate planning for an appointment with the relevant deputation/embassy in advance.

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