Axa Schengen Insurance? Because Only God Knows the Future

Axa Schengen Insurance? Because Only God Knows the Future

And that’s why we need insurance. And what is insurance, really? It’s an agreement based on trust and consideration. And why should you enter into this agreement? Because only God knows the future. This is not all about Axa schengen insurance quite alright, but we will try to make some sense here. Read on..

We live on a round planet with an infinite number of sights and sounds to charm the senses. We are citizens of the world and we have heard the call to visit faraway places, to see what can only be seen when one arrives at the place where one has set his course. The story of travel is the story of mankind, because when we visit another country and expose ourselves to another culture, we are enriched and strengthen the bond that exists between all people, a bond that transcends governments, policies and distinctions, which are useless in the consideration of our shared history. There are wonders out there that can’t be gleaned from books, movies, television or even by word-of-mouth. No, we must pack the bags and take the proverbial “leap” into time and space. We will travel far and the future will become the present – and the future is known only to God.

Why does that phrase keep popping up? Well, let’s share an example where the failure to obtain insurance made a bad situation worse: Father tells mother it’ time to visit France. It’s time to see the Eiffel Tower and to walk the boulevards of Paris. It’s time to eat those wonderful meals, and, perhaps, to taste those marvelous wines. And to make the trip extra special, let us bring with us our children who are old enough to appreciate the sights and sounds.

So, the family packs its bags, checks its documents, boards the plane and arrives in Paris in time for a meal in a bistro. The waiter asks if there’s room for a special dessert. The father says: Yes, indeed! Please! Then he looks across the table. His daughter is no longer smiling. Indeed, she’s gone pale and is troubled. She complains of a pain in the lower region, to the right. She fears she’s going to be sick and she and mother rush to the bathroom. What can it be?

The daughter is suffering from an acute attack of appendicitis and if she’s not taken into surgery within the hour her appendix could burst. What is the father to do? He knows little of Paris – where doctors are, where hospitals are. He doesn’t know the language and he hasn’t much time.

The world can be a hard place and life is changeable. If father had had Axa Schengen Insurance (for instance) all of this would have been handled to the degree necessary to help the sick girl. Disease, accidents, whatever. They’re covered, because travel is an experiment in time and space, and the future is known only to God.