Think About International Travel Insurance – Before You Embark!

Think About International Travel Insurance – Before You Embark!

So you are finally going on that dream vacation to Europe or the Americas. Did you pack everything? Are you ready to go? In this article, we’ll look at something you may be forgetting: International Travel Insurance!

How you pack for your vacation depends entirely on where and how you will be spending your vacation. If you are only leaving for a local weekend away, you’ll probably be needing only one a bag or two. If you are travelling internationally, then you’ve might want to consider adding something else that’s different from a baggage. One of them is international travel insurance. While this type of insurance is not a necessity (legally), think of it like any other insurance policy.

International travel insurance can provide coverage for some of those unexpected events from trip cancellations to medical expenses. The longer or farther away your trip, the more you might want to consider adding international travel insurance. For example, let’s say that your family decides to drive from Abuja, Nigeria to Paris, France. You could do it, though it may take 80 hours and more than 6000km; not to mention the ferry trips and hotels stays while you rest from the road trips. All may go well and good for the first thousand kilometers, but what if your car breaks down? What will you do? That is where having international travel insurance comes in. Just like regular insurance, the premium you paid at the beginning of your trip can help ensure your safety until you get back home.

Most of us would fly for such a long voyage; it’s a 6½ hour by airplane. Depending on your policy, international travel might cover everything from lost luggage to getting medical help for that expensive dinner that it turned out you were allergic to, to where you can stay if the hotel kitchen catches fire and the entire hotel burns to the ground. International travel insurance can also help you recoup your losses if you have to cut your trip short or if due to some emergency, you have had to cancel it altogether.

You may already have some coverage.

Some trips have extra fees that cover things like cancellations or lost luggage in their prices. Sometimes, if you pay for your trip with a credit card or through a travel agency, then a certain amount of insurance coverage may be included. Some companies even offer discounts for yearly trips. However you choose, always ask about the coverage amount and who and what is covered before you leave; that way if something goes wrong, everyone has the coverage they need until they can get home.