Tips for Traveling Into Schengen Areas

Tips for Traveling Into Schengen Areas

Schengen areas is comprised of 25 common territory countries including Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Greece and Sweden to name a few. For any Nigerian citizen looking to visit these exciting countries, it is key to understand the whole process. Here are some tips to ensuring your visit to Schengen areas go smoothly.

1)     If you’re planning on visiting more than just one Schengen country, it may be wisest to apply at the local Consulate where you will spend the most time at. If you plan on visiting Germany for 10 days and Poland for just 2, then the German embassy would be your first destination. From there, you can gain a multiple entry visa and travel to the additional destination you want for the total time permitted by your visa. By doing this, you are allowing the best chances of complying with all rulings when it comes to travel in the Schengen area.

2)     Planning on venturing from you homeland, whether it is Angola or Nigeria, is going to take time. If you plan on visiting Schengen areas be sure to give yourself at least 15 days to plan. Remember that your best bet with getting the paperwork needed for travel is going to be to go in person to the consulate. Don’t just show up, either. Be sure that you make arrangements for an appointment to speak to the consulate office. You will be required to personally hand your necessary documents in. giving yourself at least 15 days prior to your departure date will ensure that the information you deliver has time to be pushed through its bureaucratic process. You want to avoid any problems with travel so give enough time for everything to go through. This way, even if you do have problems you can fix them in time and still proceed on your trip.

3)     Do some research on the Schengen country you will be visiting. For the most part they are going to have the same rules, but there are small differences you should be aware of. For example, some member countries have additional documents that need to be available for your moving about. Be sure you have them ready in one central location and can produce them if requested. Also- some countries have more than one “check area.” This is where having your documents available will save you a lot of time and maybe money too.

Traveling through Schengen areas is exciting and you are going to want to focus on the experience, not paperwork. Be sure to do the necessary research and know exactly what is required of you to travel. If you do a good amount of productive planning beforehand, you can just focus on the fantastic trip you wanted.