Travel Insurance For Europe

Travel Insurance For Europe

If you are an European traveler it’s important to protect yourself with comprehensive travel insurance for Europe. Some travelers mistakenly believe that their own private health insurance is adequate to cover any mishap overseas. Before traveling, everyone should check their specific policy and pay special attention to exclusions, benefits and excesses. Many times a private health insurer will offer the option of travel insurance in the fine print, but it isn’t included in the policy.

Travel insurance for Europe can be a necessity if it isn’t included in your regular policy. It can cover unforeseen flight delays or cancellations, but more importantly it can cover surprise medical costs. Remember that terms and conditions vary by provider, so always read the exact specifications of the policies you are considering.

Also, be sure to ask yourself the following questions when traveling.

1)     Do you need special coverage? If you are a daredevil and plan on repelling, diving or skydiving, you may want to arm yourself with some special travel insurance. A regular policy may not be adequate. This special coverage provides emergency care along with doctors’ visits, prescriptions and hospitalization if needed.

2)     How much does it cost to file a claim? Not all travel insurance policies require the same application fees. Think of this fee as a deductible. The insurance itself won’t cover it and it will be out-of-pocket. Make sure that you are prepared to manage the fees and remember that they are negotiable. Talk to a travel insurance specialist and they can guide you to the right type of plan for your trip.

3)     What kinds of exclusions and/or restrictions are there? Ask your provider to detail the exclusions. Just like we have in some countries, usually pre-existing conditions are not covered. If you have one that is a concern, be sure to tell the provider and let them work it into the policy, or accept the policy regardless. Also, ask for any general illnesses common in the area of Europe you are traveling and if they are completely covered. This is a way to protect yourself from state-specific health issues.

4)     Should you purchase travel insurance for Europe from an outside provider or from your travel agent? Most travel agents work with additional providers when it comes to travel insurance. They may be able to get a deal make it worth your while. Some agents require that you have a certain level of coverage to work with them. If you have the option, however, it’s always good to do a little searching on your own. In particular, if you plan on visiting the same European country more than once in a year, you may be able to find a larger discount on your own. Always thoroughly vet the plan though to make sure it is exactly what you need.

Take advantage of traveler’s insurance so you can protect yourself. Always ask questions and understand the details of the policy you choose. Regardless of where you’re going, whether your destination is Nigeria or Poland, you’ll be ready for anything that comes up.